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ABK Series Silent Electronic Intelligent Lock

ABK Series Silent Electronic Intelligent Lock

ABK series silent electronic intelligent locks, equipped with release mechanism, are good security protection devices. With good circuit design for intrusion prevention, the silent electric locks can be operated by electricity, latchkey or hand. This series of silent intelligent locks are ideal for wooden doors, metal doors and glass doors for all sorts of access control system. ABK series silent electric locks are suitable for both left door and right hand door.

Features of Silent Electric Locks:
1.Silent electronic intelligent locks are with lock signal, door sensor signal and intelligent dual detection function for optional;
2.They have voltage-sensitive protection, which could well prevent the locks from over voltage;
3.The silent electric locks are equipped with door status output. They can be well applied in low temperature environment;
4.With low-power operation, the use cycle time of the silent electric locks can reach more than 50 million times.

Technical Specifications of ABK Series Silent Electronic Intelligent Locks:

Dimension 203mm×34mm×43mm
Input voltage DC 12V
Standby current 200 mA
Maximum starting current 900 mA
Unlock ways Power off, out switch, unlock signal.
Delay function 1,3,6,9 seconds adjustable
Lock cylinder size Protrusion length 17.5mm
Diameter 16mm

Standard Packing Configurations: 
1.ABK series silent electric locks;
2.Latch bolt;
3.Control board;
5.Instruction book.

Packaging and Transportation:
1.One piece in an inner box, ten inner boxes in one carton;
2.Transport by sea or by air.

Oubao Security Technology Co., Ltd. is the first joint-stock company and a professional manufacturer of silent electric locks in China. We can reach annual output of 500 thousand locks. As a pre-IPO company, we enjoy a board international market. We can provide 80% of our silent electric locks to customers from the entire American continent, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Oceania, including more than 80 foreign countries and regions.

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