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  • Double Door Magnetic Lock
  • Double Door Magnetic LockOubao single door magnetic lock and double door magnetic lock are locking devices that compose of an electromagnetic core and an armature plate. The electromagnetic core is made of a laminated steel-core surrounded with hundreds of turns of copper wire. By attaching the electromagnet to the door frame and carbon steel plate affixed to the door, the electromagnet tightly attracts the armature plate in order to hold the door locked when a current passing through. Single door magnetic lock...

Electromagnetic Lock

Electromagnetic lock is composed of an electromagnet attached to the door frame and an armature plate mounted to the door. When the current passes through the silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic locks will generate powerful suction and tightly attract the armature plate in order to hold the door shut. We provide CK 818 single door magnetic lock and CK 818 double door electromagnetic lock for customers to select.

Unlike an electric strike, the magnetic door lock requires power to remain locked. Therefore the electromagnetic lock is suitable for panic and fire exit doors. Because the magnetic lock has no complex mechanical structure and lock tongue. Compared with the conventional door locks, the magneticdoor locks operate with less cost.

The magnetic lock operates on the basis of the concepts of electromagnetism. The electromagnet attracting a conductor offers sufficient power to prevent the door from being opened. In a more detailed examination, the electromagnetic lock uses the current passing through one or more a solenoid to produce a magnetic field. This works in free space, but if the solenoid is wrapped around a ferromagnetic core such as soft iron, the effect of the field will be extremely enlarged.

Features of Magnetic Door Lock:
1.Compared with other locks, this magnetic lock without interconnecting parts is easier to install.
2.The electromagnetic lock will unlock immediately when the power is cut, allowing for quick release in comparison to other locks.
3.The magnetic door locks may suffer less damage from multiple blows than that of conventional locks. If an electromagnetic lock is forced to open with a crowbar, it will cause little or no damage to the door or lock.

With registered capital of 55.8 million RMB, we offer a broad line of security protection products, including door closer, electronic lock, electromagnetic lock, fingerprint-lock, panic exit device and intelligent lock. We can reach annual output of 6 million door closers and 100 electromagnetic locks. We are able to manufacture products in accordance with European standards and American standards. We exported our security protection products like magnetic door locks to American, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Oceania.