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  • Z61 Series Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock
  • Z61 Series Biometric Fingerprint Door LockZ61 series biometric fingerprint door lock provides four ways to unlock the door, including fingerprint, password, M1 card and key. This fingerprint lock is made of a high impact stainless steel lock body. The lock is more secure with a mortise lock and automatic deadbolt. The biometric fingerprint door lock owns a unique design, robust feature, and excellent quality and becomes more welcomed by home and business places. The biometric fingerprint door lock can store 100 fingerprints...
  • Z62 Series Stainless Steel Fingerprint Lock
  • Z62 Series Stainless Steel Fingerprint LockZ62 series stainless steel fingerprint lock is made of a high impact stainless steel lock body. It is broadly used in villas or private houses. This type of fingerprint lock more durable and secure than ordinary locks. There are three ways to open the stainless steel fingerprint lock: fingerprint, password and key. This type of fingerprint lock is more durable and secure with a mortise lock and automatic deadbolt. The stainless steel fingerprint door lock can store 100 fingerprints...

Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint lock is a kind of intelligent locks which regards human fingerprint as recognition carrier. The core components of fingerprint lock include main board, clutch, fingerprint collector, password technology, the microprocessor (CPU) and smart emergency key. The fingerprint door lock is generally composed of electronic identification and control system and mechanical linkage system. The fingerprint is unique and can not be duplicated, so the fingerprint lock is the safest lock of all locks.

The fingerprint locks are extensively used in office building, hospital, bank, school, church, storehouse, financial institution, building talkback system and common aisle.

Features of Fingerprint Door Lock:
1.The fingerprint locks unlock the door by just touching the user’s finger tip.
2.Finger is the key, so the users do not worry about losing their keys or being stolen. This lock can ensure the security due to the unique individuality of the fingerprint.
3.There is password or pin codes involved for the fingerprint lock.
4.This fingerprint lock adopts touch password keyboard design and blue light digital display.
5.With fashion and personalized design, this fingerprint door lock owns intelligent voice prompt operating system.
6.The fingerprint lock has versatility and adopts stainless steel lock body.

Our Advantages:
1.Oubao takes the intelligence processing technique and biometric identification technology as core to establish the R&D center. It is used to develop optical, electromechanical, fingerprint lock and other high-tech security protection electronic lock products.
2.Oubao SMT workshop utilizes high-velocity electron devices to produce clean, non-static electronic locks and ensure the reliability and stability.
3.The fingerprint locks are manufactured with zinc alloy and stainless steel with professional industrial design and modern appearance.
4.We have achieved many patents for invention and awarded as National High-Tech Enterprise.

Products Categories:
1.Fingerprint password lock with LCD screen
2.Biometric fingerprint door lock

3.Screen-touch fingerprint lock

Founded in 1987, Oubao Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional fingerprint locks manufacturers and supplier in China. With registered capital of 55.8 million RMB, we offer a broad line of security protection products, including door closer, electronic lock, password lock, fingerprint lock, panic exit device and intelligent lock. We can reach annual output of 6 million door closers and 100 thousand fingerprint locks. We provide both free and chargeable samples as well as information consultant services on our fingerprint door locks. Till now, we are able to provide 80% of our fingerprint locks to customers from the entire American continent, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Oceania.