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  • DK Series Electric Mute Intelligent Lock
  • DK Series Electric Mute Intelligent LockDK series electric mute intelligent locks, designed as the latest electronic locks, are specifically made for various doors of entrance guard system and building intercom system. Composed with CPU automatic control system and lock tongue, this series mute electric locks possess good automatic detection function, which could automatically lock the door noiselessly ...
  • ABK Series Silent Electronic Intelligent Lock
  • ABK Series Silent Electronic Intelligent LockABK series silent electronic intelligent locks, equipped with release mechanism, are good security protection devices. With good circuit design for intrusion prevention, they can be operated by electricity, latchkey or hand. This series of silent electric locks are ideal for wooden doors, metal doors and glass doors for all sorts of access control system. They’re suitable for both left door and right hand door ...
  • LK Series Electric Control Intelligent Lock
  • LK Series Electric Control Intelligent LockLK series intelligent electric control locks are universal easy-installed locks, which are suitable for various doors, such as non-handed doors, swing-in doors, swing-out doors, etc. The intelligent lock can be widely applied for building intercom systems and access control systems. Thanks to the single chip microcosm (SCM) intelligence control and stepper motor, the intelligent electric control lock performs stably ...
  • SK Series Intelligent Alarm Door Lock
  • SK Series Intelligent Alarm Door LockSK series intelligent alarm door lock is equipped with both tapered end and inductive head. By adopting high-tech radio frequency technology, the intelligent alarm door lock can make the door opened by authorized card. When the mechanism prevents the intruder from breaking in, the centre is automatically activated and triggers the alarm. The SK series intelligent alarm door lock provides effective measures for uninvited visitors. The intelligent locks offer tremendous mechanical resistance ...

Intelligent Lock

Intelligent locks, belong to electric locks, are different from the traditional mechanical locks. They are more intelligent compound locks inset with the user identification and safe managerial aspects. Intelligent lock is specially made with advanced technology, which is safer and more convenient. The entrance guard system of intelligent lock perfectly conducts the door-locking instruction when you leave. Intelligent locks are mainly used in facilities including banks, government departments, hotels, school dormitories, warehouse, residential area, etc.

Oubao electric locks adopt scientific, brief and compact mechanical structure to achieve good features of low current, low cost, low error, low noise and long service life. With smooth closing and latching speed, intelligent locks can be applied for many kinds of doors (e.g. Anti-theft door) with talkback system, gate control system for optional. The sizes of our electric locks are optimized for use with Oubao door closers.

Product Categories:
1.Silent electronic intelligent lock;
2.Electric control intelligent lock;
3.Anti-theft intelligent lock;
4.Mute intelligent lock;
5.Intelligent alarm door lock;
6.Fingerprint lock;
7.Passwords lock/keypad lock;
8.Magnetic door lock.

Oubao Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of intelligent locks in China. We also offer door closer, eletronic lock and panic exit devices for your choice. We supply various intelligent locks, such as mute electric lock, silent electric lock, intelligent eletric control lock and intelligent alarm door lock. We can reach annual output of 6 million door closers and 200 thousand intelligent locks. We also resort to strict outsourcing supervision to guarantee the superior quality. If you need electric locks, please contact us.