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200 Series Overhead Door Closers

200 Series Overhead Door Closers

200 series overhead door closers are designed to be concealed within the transom header bar of the door. They are commonly used in larger office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and warehouses. These overhead door closers look similar to regular closers, but are much larger with the ability to withstand much more weight than regular ones.

1.Overhead door closers are simple and artistic externally, which is especially suitable for decoration;
2.The door closers are made in high quality aluminum under special machining, which guarantees their endurances;
3.Their two speed valves, with a slide cover installed in the front of door closer, are easy to adjust and enable the door maintaining a smooth closing speed;
4.Overhead door closers are typically surface mounted, though we can offer concealed models;
5.We provide rocker arm and slide arm for your installation preference. Overhead door closers installed with slide arm are equipped with a hold open block inside, which has a door-stopping function;
6.The optional colors are alum, bronze, golden, white and black;
7.200 series overhead door closers are optimized for use with Oubao panic exit devices.

Standard Packing Configurations: 
1.200 series (202/203) overhead door closers;
2.Slide arm or rocker arm;
4.Installation manual;
5.Installation master plate.

1.Tighten the screws two months after the overhead door closers being installed;
2.Better not to install the door closers in the open air, or it well easily get rusty.

Parameters of 200 Series Overhead Door Closers:

Type Dimension of main body (mm) Door Weight (kg)
202 207 (8-5/32) 55 (2-5/32) 38.7 (1-17/32) 39 (1-17/32) 50 (1-31/32) 9.5 (3/8) 25-45
203 207 (8-5/32) 55 (2-5/32) 40 (1-19/32) 39 (1-17/32) 50 (1-31/32) 9.5 (3/8) 45-65

Packaging and Transportation:
1.One piece in an inner box, ten inner boxes in one carton;
2.Transport by sea or by air.

Founded in 1987, Oubao Security Technology Co., Ltd. is the first joint-stock company and one of the largest professional manufacturer and supplier of overhead door closers in China. We offer various door closers, such as 100 series concealed door closers, 200 series overhead door closers, 330 series hydraulic door closers,500 series surface mounted door closer, 600 series aluminum alloy door closers, 700 series automatic door closers, 5000 series fireproof door closers and so on for your choice Till now, we can reach annual output of 6 million door closers and 500 thousand locks. If you need our door closers, please contact us.

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