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100 Series Concealed Door Closers

100 Series Concealed Door Closers

100 series concealed door closer, also known as invisible door closer, offers excellent performance in both commercial and residential applications. It can be well applied in office buildings, hotel guest rooms, both interior and exterior non-handed doors with thickness more than 40mm.With high quality hydraulic fluid and low freezing point, 100 series concealed door closer performs well at the temperature ranges from subzero 30℃ to 60℃. After being installed, none of the components of 100 series invisible door closer are visible when the door is fully closed.

Features of 100 Series Invisible Door Closer:
1.100 series concealed door closer is designed to embed in narrow aluminum alloy transom, steel door and wooden door. When the door opens, only one slide arm reveals;
2.It is double oil circuit designed, which can be opened from both the left or the right directions;
3.The slide arm and roller assembly of the concealed door closer are smooth and quiet to operate;
4.Thanks to the two separate regulating valves, the closing and latching speed as well as opening damping hydraulic pressure are adjustable;

5.The maximum width of door leaf is 950mm;
6.The largest opening angle is about 120°;
7.The optional colors are sliver, white, golden, bronze, etc;
8.100 series invisible door closer is optimized for use with Oubao panic exit device.

Standard Packing Configurations: 
1.100 series (102/103) concealed door closer;
2.Slide arm;
4.Installation manual;
5.Installation master plate.

1.Tighten the screws two months after the invisible door closer being installed;
2.Better not to install the door closer in the open air, or it well easily get rusty.

Parameters of 100 Series Concealed Door Closers:

Type Dimension of main body (mm) Door weight (kg)
102 225 (8-55/64) 132.5 (5-7/32) 147 (5-25/32) 127 (5) 124 (4-7/8) 25-45
103 225 (8-55/64) 162.5 (6-25/64) 177 (6-31/32) 157 (6-3/16) 154 (6-1/16) 45-65

Packaging and Transportation:
1.One piece in an inner box, ten inner boxes in one carton;
2.Transport by sea or by air.

Founded in 1987, Oubao Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional concealed door closers manufacturer and supplier in China. With registered capital of 55.8 million RMB, we offer a broad line of security protection products, including door closer, fingerprint-lock, invisible door closer, panic exit device and intelligent lock. Till now, we are able to export our concealed door closers to the entire American continent, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Oceania, including more than 80 foreign countries and regions.
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