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Oubao Security Technology Co., Ltd
Address: No.809, Bixing Street, Bihu Industry Park, Liandu District, Lishui City, Zhejiang, China
Email: globalsales2013@gmail.com

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  • Series Overhead Door Closers
  • 200 Series Overhead Door ClosersOverhead door closers are simple and artistic externally, which is especially suitable for decoration; 2.They are made in high quality aluminum under special machining, which guarantees their endurances; 3.Their two speed valves, with a slide cover installed in the front of door closer, are easy to adjust and enable the door maintaining a smooth closing speed; 4.Overhead door closers are typically surface mounted, though we can offer concealed models; ...
  • Series Heavy Duty Track Arm Door Closers
  • 9000 Series Heavy Duty Track Arm Door Closers9000 series heavy duty track arm door closers are a series of multi-size heavy duty door closers with adjustable spring power. Approved by ANSI 156.4, UL, UL10C, cUL, EN1154 and CE quality authentication, the heavy duty track arm door closers are designed for commercial, institutional, residential and other high traffic applications, including office building, shopping centers, supermarkets, etc...
  • OB Series Cast Iron Door Closers
  • OB Series Cast Iron Door ClosersOB series cast iron door closers are multi-size non-handed cast iron door closers designed for all standard installations. They are widely used in facilities such like schools, office buildings, health care facilities and retail complexes. With modern appearance, high quality hydraulic fluid, low freezing-point, this series of cast iron door closers operate smoothly at temperature ranges from subzero 30℃ to 60℃. Thanks to the two separate regulating valves...
  • Intelligent Door Closers
  • Intelligent Door ClosersIntelligent door closer has good complements to automatic swing door and competitive advantages in cost and application range. It can be well suited for commercial and residential uses, including hotel, super-market, office, bank, apartment, classroom, dormitory, etc. As a low energy power operator, intelligent door closers could also be ideal for touch free applications like public restrooms, labs and examination ...