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DK Series Electric Mute Intelligent Lock

DK Series Electric Mute Intelligent Lock

DK series mute electric locks, designed as the latest electronic locks, are specifically made for various doors of entrance guard system and building intercom system. Composed with CPU automatic control system and lock tongue, this series mute electric locks possess good automatic detection function, which could automatically lock the door noiselessly.

1.DK series electric mute intelligent locks are manufactured with simple mechanical construction, low current, low cost and less failure;
2.This series of mute electric locks are with advantages of wider application, higher security, higher convenience, stronger unlock and 3 times longer service life than common electric locks;
3.Mute electric locks are easy to install on both sides of door and can bear strong pressure;
4.There will be no collision or noise when slamming the door.

Personalized Options:
1.Our DK series mute electric locks are optional with various unlocking configurations, such as electrical, knob, key, remote control, induction card and unlock password;
2.With unique unlock chords settings, electric mute intelligent locks can equipped with condition monitoring for optional;
3.Electric mute intelligent lock with sensor card for door opening is optional;
4.Mute electric locks with unique memory external data backup protection function is for your preference, which could protect the external data from the main board accidental damage;
5.The sizes of DK series electric mute intelligent locks are optimized for use with Oubao door closers;

Standard Packing Configurations: 
1.DK series electric mute intelligent locks;
2.Latch bolt;
3.Control board;
5.Instruction book.

1.Tighten the screws two months after the mute electric locks being installed;
2.Better not to install the intelligent locks in the open air, or it well easily get rusty.

Parameters of DK Series Mute Electric Locks:

DK Series Electric Mute Intelligent Locks  DK200 Electrical controlled, key to unlock or lock
 DK210 Electrical controlled, key to unlock or lock Reverse Installation
Working Voltage DC  10-18V Power-on for unlock time ≧0.25s
Maximum starting current 1600mA Working temperature -40--+80℃

Packaging and Transportation:
1.One piece in an inner box, ten inner boxes in one carton;
2.Transport by sea or by air.

Oubao Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mute electric locks in China. We can reach annual output of 500 thousand locks. Obtaining the standard quality certifications of ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:1999, CE, EN1154 ANSI156.4, UL, c UL, ETL, ITS, TUV, etc, Oubao Security Technology Co., Ltd. has strong capability and high sense of social responsibility to design and develop various kinds of door closer, intelligent locks and panic exit devices. As a pre-IPO company, we enjoy a board international market. We can provide 80% of our intelligent locks to customers from the entire American continent, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Oceania, including more than 80 foreign countries and regions.

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