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Electronic Lock

Electronic lock is a kind of locking device which relies on electric current to operate. The electric locks are frequently linked to the access control system, while sometimes an electronic control assembly is directly mounted to the lock. An electric lock connected to an access control system may offer key control, fine access control and transaction logging function.

Oubao adopts computer and electronic technique, mechanical technology and modern hardware technique to manufacture the electronic locks. The electronic locks can be used in office building, hospital, bank, school, house, church and public places.

Our Advantages:
1.Oubao SMT workshop utilizes high-velocity electron devices to produce clean, non-static electronic locks and ensure the reliability and stability.
2.Oubao takes the intelligence processing technique and biometric identification technology as core to establish the R&D center. It is used to develop optical, electromechanical, fingerprint recognition and other high-tech security protection electronic lock products.
3.The electric locks are manufactured with zinc alloy and stainless steel with professional industrial design and modern appearance.
4.We have achieved many patents for invention and awarded as National High-Tech Enterprise.

Products Categories:
1.Fingerprint lock
2.Password card lock
3.Intelligence lock
4.Electromagnetic lock

Oubao Security Technology Co., Ltd. is the first joint-stock company and one of the largest professional manufacturer and supplier of electronic locks in China. Our security protection products are door closers, electric lock, fingerprint-lock, panic exit device, intelligent lock, etc. We can reach annual output of 6 million door closers, 100 thousand electronic locks, 200 thousand intelligent locks and 100 thousand fingerprint locks. We also resort to strict outsourcing supervision to guarantee the superior quality. We have gained the qualification of independent third party testing.