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OUBAO Security Technology Co.,Ltd attended the 113th Canton Fair. Apri 15-19th  2013, Guangzhou, China,  
Booth number 16.4 D31,D32,E12,E13 ,
Fine quality as well as low price, kinds of products line(door closer, opener, panic bar, fingerprint lock) help push the sales of our products.

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  • 600 Series Aluminum Alloy Door CloserWith fashion design, high quality hydraulic fluid inside and low freezing-point, the non-handed 600 series aluminum alloy door closers operate smoothly at the temperature ranges from subzero 30℃ to 60℃. Thanks to the two independent regulating valves, the closing and latching speeds of door closers maintain smoothly. With 5-year- warranty, we guarantee our door closers can be well used more than 100 million cycle times. They can be applied single direction open doors in all sorts of ...
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